Sunday, October 4, 2009

Rule Number 32: Enjoy The Little Things.

I saw Zombieland this weekend, and it taught me something.. I don't have it so bad, infact I have it fucking great. Sometimes I try to write things here and it's like.. 'Hmm what can I bitch about' but that is just silly, I mean I have nothing against bitching but it's so much better when it's real and raw. When you really feel it. I'm getting of topic, so this movie is killer, it's about this reclusive loser loner kid who drinks mountain dew and plays World of Warcraft gets his 'reality' shattered and finds out the entire world has been taken over by Zombies. Along the way he runs into other humans and hilarity ensues. So this kid has a list of rules on how to survive Zombieland, certain things like Cardio, keep your cardio up and you can always outrun the zombies, or the double tap, which means always shoot twice, and make sure they're dead. Well my personal favorite was rule number 32: Enjoy the little things, which the kid learned from a wreckless blood loving zombie killer named Talahase (no one went by their given names due to the short expectancy of life and the attachment reasons) which basically revels in the sheer art of killing zombies in unique ways..Or aquiring a Twinkie before it's expiration date. But in my own twisted mind it applies to our reality as well. I enjoy the little things, in my own version of Zombieland, such things like hearing Seth's crazy laughs, or just random singing. Or the way Nadya will suddenly hide and pounce out of corners to attack me, which she's done many times. Or spending the night in just playing RPG's for hours on end, letting myself completely drift of into alternate realities, and burst out laughing at the dialogue. I'm currently 50 hours into SMT: Persona 4 and it's the best SMT game I've played yet. I put 120 hours into SmT: Persona 3 until I completed it, just to give you an idea how insanely dense these games are. I know it sounds extremely dorky, but I love it, these are extremely thought out story lines and plots, with well developed characters that you just can help but love. See? Give me room to talk about it and I could do so forever. Anyways these little things keep me sane.. Keep me going in a sense, making Zombieland a little less of a burden to deal with. Oh and on an end note the movie is worth seeing to, for all of those who care.



  1. You get an extra surprise attack for that comment XD

  2. I loved that movie, it was truly the first un-apologetical movie i've seen in ages. i loved it! The more i think about it the more i like it.

    But what say you about my laughs.. they are not crazy! They are meticulous and well thought out...

  3. Yeah I'm the same way, the more I think about it, the better it gets, and to me that means it's a great movie.

    As far as your laugh, the fact that it is meticulous and well thought out MAKES it even better. :)

  4. I haven't seen Zombieland yet (Meisha is tired of all the zombie movies lately). Your post definitely makes me want to see it. Maybe I can get Meisha to read this and she'll want to go ;)

  5. I wasn't expecting much going into the movie, and came out pleasantly surprised and would put it right up there with Shawn of the Dead.