Monday, October 18, 2010

Micro Review: Jimmy Gnecco ~ The Heart

Jimmy Gnecco's solo album The Heart is beautiful, and quite honestly heartfelt. It's sadness may be to hard for some to take. I recommend this to anyone who has been following Jimmy over the past couple decades. I stumbled upon him on accident when Distorted Lullabies came out, and have been a slave to his tormented and beautifully placed sadness. His career has had highs and lows, Precious stands out as a really low point in my opinion, save Red Colored Flowers. But here on The Heart he is completely stripped down and purely basic, the emotion is so raw and real, if you take the time to let it settle in, you will feel it too, just like I have. So take a chance on this unique and honest artist who makes music that he really loves.

Find the album on Amazon Here.

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